small business team working on a marketing plan

7 Steps to Creating an Effective Marketing Plan

Much like anything else in your life, having a plan for your business and marketing strategy bodes well for your company, productivity, and profits. A company without a marketing plan is less likely to succeed, outperform its rivals, boost sales, retain staff, or even stay afloat.

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marketing plan on an electronic tablet

Essential Components to a Marketing Plan

When trying to run a business, you want the biggest bang for all your investments, which includes everything from money to other essential resources. Your time and financial resources are some of the scarcest things, so ensuring you get a positive return is crucial.

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Woman running her small business

How to Run a Successful Small Business

Whether big or small, running a successful business today isn’t easy; you have to be adaptable to dynamic and constantly changing industries, flexible, be good at planning, organizing, researching, and much more. On the one hand, technological advancements and social media platforms have given us tools to market and grow our businesses, but on the other hand, these tools and platforms have also increased our competition and opened doors to global markets and rivals, making it challenging for many small businesses to survive and thrive. However, don’t be discouraged, there are still many ways to grow your small business and watch

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