4 Outdated Marketing Techniques

Businesses are continuously evolving, and we hope that your business is thriving too! However, if it isn’t, chances are you’re doing something wrong, like sticking to an outdated marketing strategy. Almost all marketing coaching experts recommend changing your business’ marketing techniques once in a while to better fit with the ever-changing business world.

This blog discusses some outdated marketing techniques that you should steer clear of.

1- Trying to Cater to Many People

In the past, businesses would use the same approach on every customer. However, if you’re catering to every customer in the same manner and focusing on mass marketing, then we know what’s stopping your business from growing.


According to a study in 2017, fifty percent of the surveyed customers said that a personalized shopping experience turns them into lifetime customers. Therefore, if you aren’t using the latest analytics and techniques to collect data, target specific customers, and create personalized shopping experiences for them, you’re stuck in the past! Trying to send mass emails won’t work in 2022, and you need to change your game plan!

2- Paper-Marketing Techniques

Do you still purchase newspapers and go through your mailboxes reading all the mail? What do you do if you receive a brochure from an organization? Chances are you throw it straight in the trash can without even bothering to read it!


According to scientific research, consumers’ attention span is narrowing, and people don’t read long paragraphs printed on paper anymore. Therefore, printing brochures, mailing them, or distributing them on the streets is a waste of paper and your valuable time. If you’re doing this, you should immediately move to digital marketing, which is more cost-worthy and eco-friendly.

3- Using Social Media for Promotional Purposes Only

According to marketing research, selling your products or services through social media is an effective way to increase your product’s sales. Customers are also more likely to buy from companies they follow on social media.


However, just like every other marketing trend, using social media for just promotion has begun irritating customers. If you use your social media platforms to promote your products and just post “Buy It! Buy It!” on your timeline, your social media following will decrease. Instead, invest in creating innovative promotional content and engaging your followers.

4- Sticking to Basic Marketing

Using social media, investing in ranking techniques, and trying to sell your product through websites are all great marketing ideas, But frankly, they’re all a little basic. If you want your product or service to stand out, you have to think of something unique. Digital marketing is continuously evolving, and even if you think you’re using the latest digital marketing techniques, you can still get creative with them.

Marketing consultants discussing innovative marketing strategies on a whiteboard

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