5 Neglected Factors to Help Elevate Your Online Business

Brick and Mortar businesses might not focus much on improving their online marketing game. However, the consistent lockdowns and recession require that brands take measures to elevate their online presence and generate more revenue.

Here are some tried and tested techniques that’ll ensure that your online business ranks higher on the SERPs and gets paying customers in no time!

Focus More on Local SEO

Local SEO might bring in low traffic; however, this low traffic has a higher conversion rate. By leveraging the local SEO keywords, you’re likely to direct more local traffic to your website and result in more cashable clicks!

Look up keywords that perfectly define your geographical location. Once you have got a list of high-ranking keywords, incorporate them in your content title, meta-descriptions, and H1 and H2 tags!

This will ensure that Google ranks you higher in your local search results and directs more traffic to your online website!

Work on Improving Local Search Optimization

If you want to improve your local search results, we recommend that you begin by updating your Google My Business page. Verifying local Google listing and using Schema markup for your physical location, contact details, and business hours will ensure that local traffic comes rushing to your website.

Moreover, ensure that you add local SEO keywords into your content’s title, H1, H2 tags, and image alt-texts!

Maintain an Updated Testimonials Page

Over 97% of online consumers go through a business’s reviews and testimonials before making the final purchase. Moreover, testimonial pages can help generate 62% more revenue!

This ensures that they’re purchasing from a trusted seller and will get a bang for their buck.


person browsing through an online website

Ensure that you have a regularly maintained and functional testimonials page on your website and your social media accounts. Ask customers to leave honest reviews through text or visual mediums, so that new potential customers can gauge your credibility.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Google loves mobile-friendly websites, which is why it’s one of the top-ranking factors for any online website!

Over 52% of website traffic is generated from cell phones. This is why you must take measures to optimize your website and make it mobile-friendly. Ensure that you place the right CTAs at the right location, have a highly responsive website, and add your contact details on your website’s landing pages.

This will ensure that any potential leads that browse through your website, actually make a purchase.

Short Videos Are the Way to Go

With the latest marketing trends emphasizing the importance of short videos and reels, you must consider creating short videos for your online business.

Since most social media users and online consumers have a short attention span, they’re more likely to view short videos. This is why Instagram has introduced IG reels that are only 15 sec long but deliver your message to the right target audience.

Ensure that you optimize your videos before releasing them on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, or your website’s homepage.

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