Building Quality Connections Through These 4 Networking Strategies

In the business world, building quality connections is very important. Through networking, your business will find amazing opportunities that you could not have found otherwise on your own. Building a small business takes a lot of effort and time, and quality connections can help you grow your business.

This blog discusses some networking strategies to find quality connections for your business.

Building a business connection by talking in front of a window

1- Attend and Hold Events

A new corporate dinner is happening in town, and you’re invited? You couldn’t ask for a better opportunity. Many business organizations also hold corporate events and seminars. Attending business events is one of the best networking strategies to build quality connections. Only people with business backgrounds attend such events. Therefore, you won’t have to filter through people and only spend time with business executives.

You might find a new investor over the dinner table or your next potential employee while sitting at the open bar. You can also form connections with other businesses in a similar domain.

If no such event is happening nearby, there’s no need to worry! Be the trendsetter and organize your own event. Invite notable business people, known business coaches for a seminar, and see your network grow!

2- Work on Your Elevator Pitch

Suppose you’re at a corporate event, and you know that the person on the next table can be a potential investor. What would be your next move? Is walking up to them and having a formal to-the-point conversation the best option? Meeting new people is useless until you have a strong elevator pitch to present.

Your elevator pitch should focus on what value you’ll provide to potential partners, investors, or customers. An example would be using, “I help improve business sales through effective marketing techniques” instead of saying, “I am a marketing strategist or a marketing manager.” This elevator pitch can help you connect with interested business executives.

3- Reciprocate the Effort

Giving back the same effort you receive isn’t only applicable in your personal life; your professional life can also benefit from it. Many people will try to share ideas and opportunities with you in the business world, but you can only build a connection with them if you’re willing to do the same in return.

If you don’t reciprocate, then your professional network will be left with zero quality contacts. Another great networking technique is often reaching out to your connections to sustain your professional relationships.

4- Research Beforehand

What kind of event are you attending? How many people will be there? Would they benefit your business? You should know the answer to all these questions before you meet a person or a group. Always put extra effort into researching the people you’re meeting. Research their educational and business background. Doing so will help you come up with points that are mutually beneficial.

Group of people growing their business network in a casual meeting

Even though these networking strategies effectively build quality connections, a business consultant can professionally guide you on building a strong network. Based in Las Vegas, Master Coach Stan provides business coaching and training to business owners with a growth mindset.


Reach out to us, and learn more about networking through the best business coaching for entrepreneurs.

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