Business Growth Through Websites—How to Create Effective Landing Pages?

Landing pages are one of the most powerful ways to market your business, products, and services.

Landing pages allow you to talk to potential customers about your products more than other marketing methods such as social media marketing. This results in better customer perception and significantly increases the likelihood that they would buy your products.

Here are some ways to make effective landing pages and draw traffic from the search engine to your website.

Coding a landing page for a small business website

1- Establish a Landing Page Goal

Do you want your landing page to build brand awareness? Do you want to promote your best-selling product? The main purpose of a landing page is to convert leads. By establishing a landing page goal, you’re setting a clear idea of what you’ll use to attract customers through your landing page.

2- Plan a Layout

A good landing page should have all of the following elements.

  • An interesting headline
  • A small yet catchy description of your products and services
  • Relevant images or animations
  • A good call-to-action

Without any of these elements, your visitors will be disappointed by the incomplete information and might leave without purchasing anything.

3- Keep Things Short

We understand that you want to provide as much information as you want to your visitors. However, you should always keep your landing page copy short. According to research, an average human’s attention span is only eight seconds. Therefore, you should focus on delivering effective messages through short and simple sentences.

4- Use Visuals Much as You Can

According to scientific research, around sixty percent of people are visual learners, which means they comprehend images better than text. Therefore, you can use relevant images and designs to promote your products or services. Images are attention-grabbing, and using one on your landing page will certainly fascinate your visitors.

Apart from images, you can also use small video clips. Video clips are perfect for demonstrating complex and technical products. However, an important piece of advice is to not go overboard with these visual elements. Using too many images on your landing page can lead to clutter, which creates a bad impression on visitors.

Person working on creating a landing page for a small business

However, landing pages aren’t the only marketing technique you should follow. Your marketing strategy should have various techniques, and for this, hire a professional marketing coach. We present you, Coach Stan Mann, who is an expert marketing consultant in Vegas. Through his marketing coaching, you can find marketing techniques that work for your small business.


Reach out to us and see your business grow through effective marketing techniques.

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