Essential Components to a Marketing Plan

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When trying to run a business, you want the biggest bang for all your investments, which includes everything from money to other essential resources. Your time and financial resources are some of the scarcest things, so ensuring you get a positive return is crucial.

But how do you ensure your time, money and effort are being put to good use and not just wasting away? Creating an effective marketing plan might help you keep track of all your resources and ensure you use them wisely.

In this blog, we’ll break down essential components of a marketing plan, helping you make sure you’re able to utilize all these aspects to generate more leads, boost your sales and grow your business.

Market research

Every good and effective marketing plan starts with extensive market research. Consider it the backbone or foundation of your marketing plan.

You can visit your local library or whip out your laptop and determine your niche, consumer buying habits, target audience, market size, recent and current trends, market growth or decline, success rate, and much more. This will give you a clearer picture of the market and industry you’re about to step into.


Target market

Identifying your target market is another essential component of your marketing plan that allows you to create detailed descriptions of your buyers or a buyer’s persona. You’ll have to identify what market and audience your products and services cater to, ensuring you’re able to meet their expectations and market your services adequately.


Analyzing your competition

Your competitors and rivals can teach you a lot in terms of customer services, marketing, and advertising campaigns. Knowing who your rivals are and how your products and services differ from each other can help you improve or utilize these differences as a selling point.

Analyzing your competition will give you a better insight into the industry and market, enabling you to use all the information you’ve collected to run a better and more successful business.

 creating a small business marketing plan

Market strategy

What is the point of collecting all this information and creating a marketing plan if it can’t help you develop viable marketing strategies? Knowing your product, services, target market, and competitors will allow you to narrow down your marketing strategies.

If you’re aiming to sell your products to an older audience, couponing, webinars, seminars, partnerships might help you gain customers but if you’re trying to appease a younger generation, sticking to social media and content strategy is the best way to go.

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